Thursday, September 20, 2012

bath time

I don't know why, but I have NEVER liked bath time with my kids!  It is always at the end of the day when everyone is tired and hungry or just tired ... and it tends to be messy and wet ... painting a lovely picture here aren't I?  In fact, the day that my older kids took to showering instead of baths, was one step closer to heaven for me!

My three little kids still love to have baths though - which is great!  Rubber ducks, face-washers, some other kind of strange rubber animals and bath stickers adorn our second-floor family bathroom!  The floor is always wet in there (and it is sadly, not always water ... but I digress ...)!

For the past three weeks we have not had any help at home - our lovely housekeeper Alex has taken a role as a web designer and now only works for us part-time, and her replacement, Rita, is only starting with us next week.  PLUS, MR Tribe has been on a series of long and busy business trips ... so IT. HAS. JUST. BEEN. ME.

It has actually been OK - I don't want to be melodramatic and I have to say I have found a lot of the housework cathartic.  It has also been nice to have been the only one in the house in the mornings when Miss Hilary is at nursery school.  But I don't love the alone-time enough to also take on all of the housework ... all of the time!

Lately, because the show must go on, we all tend to go en-mass to all the extramurals.  We turn up, like a large circus troupe to all the kids events ... some of the kids stay in the car and do homework, watch the DVD (thank goodness for the in-car DVD-player) while I sit in the front wearing dark sunglasses and have a series of five-minute snoozes between listening to the kids do their reading!  We usually arrive home and in a mad flurry of activity, try to get everyone bathed and fed and still in bed at their normal bedtimes.  How do we achieve this you ask?

Well ... Sam and Harry have taken to bathing the little kids for me - while I get the dinner ready.  If I thought the family bathroom was feral after bathtime before ... now it is likely to be declared a state of emergency!  It is wetter than wet, covered in clothing everywhere and now instead of each child using one towel, there seems to be about 12 towels lying sodden on the floor after bathtime every day!  I. DON'T. MIND. AT. ALL.  The kids are all clean, bathed and in their PJ's and at the dinner table on time!

About once a week either me, or MR Tribe or Alex (on one of her days) will bath the little kids ourselves ... just to make sure that all those hard-to-reach places like between toes have been cleaned!  On those days, the kids look like little cherubs - their hair looks shinier, they look cleaner and it happens in a more calm manner than on the days when Sam and Harry take over ... but I know which days they all find to be more fun!  The boys present the little kids to me on their days, dressed in some very interesting ensembles, and usually with dripping wet hair plus dirty faces and bubbles residue around their feet ... but they are so proud of their work - and I am eternally grateful!

Well done Sam and Harry - keep up the good work (pocket money will reflect your efforts!!!!)

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  1. Hi peta, I can only imagine how crazy it can get during bath time. I have convinced 5 yr old Sofia n 3yr old luca to shower rather than bathing, I do help them set on the water temp n shampoo n they do the rest. I normally get them in while giving baby Carla an extra long bath so that I can make sure those two clean themselves somewhat properly. On the days that Louie helps he bathes them n they look impeccable. I do agree w the towels issue n all the dirty clothes. Glad to hear that Sam n Harry help u out bc I truly can't imagine how the heck u do it....u super mom! Take care