Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Moving house ...

We are moving house next week.  It is the calm before the storm.  Apart from some VERY ruthless clearing out, I have not done ANYTHING to prepare for the move.  Yes, packers and movers have been engaged and I think they are coming sometime next week, but I am finding that denial is keeping me calm ... I am also hoping that during the course of the weekend, someone will come and feed me some sedatives which will knock me out for about 3 weeks until everything is unpacked and the mess is cleared ...

We have moved a lot.  Some years ago on a VISA application, MR Tribe and I had to ask for extra pieces of paper to fit all our previous addresses in ... it has asked for all the places we had lived in the past 10 years ... this had become quite a list!  At one point, I think we had moved three times in a year in Australia before moving to South Africa where we promptly made a habit of moving at least once a year and sometime more ... our record was moving four times in one year ... with four children under the age of 5 in tow!

I don't think this is a badge of honour, especially when I can't find socks/shoes/underwear/sheet music/sports equipment/mouthguards/... you get the picture!  But it happens ... we are nomadic.  We love new places and new experiences and as a result, the downside, is that week or so where no one can find anything and half the children in the house are sleeping in one room ... on one matress ... with no sheets!

Usually MR Tribe is the coordinator of the moves.  I get tense (yes, I do) so he usually sends me to have coffee with my friends!  That's how unpleasant I must be ... poor Mr Tribe would rather move a house with enough stuff for 7 people (more actually) on his own, than have me around during a move.  I have no problem with this ... I like to breeze out of the house leaving instructions and come back 7 or 8 hours later and question why none of my instructions have been followed!  No one listens, it's just a ritual!

This time, however, it is going to be different ... different, and INTERESTING!  Mr Tribe is in a new job and the first few months in a new job are always  taken up with lots of trips away and lots of demands on one's time.  Unfortunately, that has occurred at the precise time our move has been scheduled for.  MR Tribe gets on a plane on Monday and returns on Wednesday ... the movers and packers will be descending on Monday for a week of hell!  I have NEVER had to supervise a move before ... so this could be ... fun?!?  I use this term loosely - I hate mess, disorder, piles of stuff, rubbish, dirt ... all those things and even more I hate BOXES!  I hate piles of boxes and wrapping materials.

My plan is thus - on Friday I am flying to London to spend the evening with the wonderful Jalpa and see Michael McIntyre in concert at the O2.  On Saturday morning, I am flying back to Jersey to start packing up the kids stuff in their rooms and moving it across to the new house.  I have engaged our new housekeeper, Rita and our old housekeeper, Alex to help me with this.  They are going to be at the new house and I am going to dump loads of stuff with them which they must (please) unpack straight into the kids rooms!  I am hoping that during the course of the weekend, we get all the kids rooms done.  Then on Monday, the packers can load up the kitchen and all the furniture and ferry it on over to the other side of the island!  It's probably about 3 miles away ... takes less than 10 minutes in a car!  Apart from a move we made within the same building, this is the shortest move ever!

MR Tribe wants to warn the movers that his wife can be (ahem) a bit tense during a move.  I think this is wise!  I don't want to see a bunch of burly men crying or running for their lives as I lose it over not being able to find my hairspray! It will be fine!  It WILL be fine!  IT WILL BE fine!  IT WILL BE FINE!


  1. It’s never easy to leave a place where you are emotionally invested in. On our first move, I found it hard to leave everything, but with some support from the family, I overcame the depression, slowly but surely. Anyway, good luck and congrats to your new home!

    -Erik Littles

  2. It’s been a month since you moved in to your new house. I bet you guys found solace in your new abode. I also feel uncomfortable whenever I see messy things when I try to rearrange my house. What I did to overcome the hassle is I asked help from my closest friends and have fun decluttering and fixing things. =) Hey, can I have a peek of your new house?

    Elias Madden

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