Monday, October 1, 2012

Move it, move it...

So far, the move has been pretty good!  Yesterday we took across several loads of stuff in the back of the Voyager ... which, may I say, when the seats are down has enough room for a small family to live in!!!! Just add some plumbing and you'd never have to leave!  But I digress ...

I love the slow gentle way we are moving at the moment.  I took across a bunch of stuff yesterday, hung it in the wardrobes, and then stood and looked at it like I had achieved something ... which is weird, because I really haven't in the general scheme of things - my stuff is probably about 1% of what is coming across!

Yesterday we had some friends helping and today, my friend Nicky came to help me with a load of books!  Poor Nicky made what I think was supposed to be an empty offer : "well, if you need any help ....?" ... I think she was expecting me to say thanks, but all is well!  But I didn't!  So, Nicky and her little car were loaded up to the point where she had all my recipe books and a bunch of kids books all safely seat-belted into the car and drove across to the new house!  We unloaded them and I put them straight into the shelves where they will live for the next two years!  Again, I stood back and admired our work!

We carefully unloaded the Royal Doulton dinner set from the car, all the family photos, and three enormous bags of my clothes before Nicky had to leave ... I personally think she was heading straight for the chiropractor after all the heavy lifting  (and I will be expecting the bill if she has)!

I like this kind of move because I can see where everything is going to be ... there's no real rush and no urgency!  We have another couple of weeks before we HAVE to be out of our current house and while we need to do some small patch jobs before we hand it back to the owner, it shouldn't take too long ... so we are taking our time... Well, I should say I AM taking my time ... Poor Mr Tribe got on a plane last night and we will see him again towards the end of the week.

Another friend made an interesting observation though when I was vague in answering a question about when we will actually BE IN the new house ... she said "There comes a time when it is more depressing and difficult to stay in the old place ... so that's the time to physically move across..."  I think she is 100% right and I fear we may almost be there!

I am hoping the movers will be able to pack and move us in lightning speed on Wednesday - even if it is just the beds, because we are ready!  Mr Tribe will hopefully be impressed with our progress when he returns from his business trip and will be (I think) especially impressed with how calm I have been ... no, really!  I have!  (and this is despite the fact that I heard him telling Sam and Harry not to aggravate each other because this was going to be a stressful week and Mummy was probably going to be VERY cranky... thanks!)

The new house is lovely - it is really lovely!  Not much longer and we can call it home!

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